The firm is mainly engaged as a Commission Agent for a number of reputed manufacturers in the UK, USA, Japan, South Korea, India, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.

Orders are procured on behalf of firms in the construction and building material industry and passed on to suppliers for execution. The firm acts as the middlemen, looking after the interests of both the supplier and the customer. By working as the agent, the customer gets a choice of materials at the best possible prices. It is also ensured that their requirements are supplied in time, with the Agent liaisoning with the supplier and the customer. The supplier also deals with only one party, instead of various companies to whom it may be supplying its products. Moreover, the Agent acts as the suppliers’ trustee in the customers’ place.

By dealing with the Agent, the customer and the supplier are benefited by:

One point of contact
Best possible prices
Liaisoning at minimum cost to the customer and supplier
Timely payment and/or execution of orders
Complaints, if any, are sorted out by the agent, to the satisfaction of both the parties
The cost to both parties by way of pay-out is negligible as compared with the services provided.


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